Catena Sequencer Post

Inspired by the Roland M-185 Sequencer, this Max for Live midi device allows you to create intricate sequences quickly and easily. Use it to trigger VST’s inside Ableton as well as external instruments like desktop and eurorack synths. Stages, not StepsUnlike the more standard 8-step sequencer, this device uses 8 stages. Each stage can beContinue reading “Catena Sequencer Post”

Pitch Quantizer Post

This Pitch Quantizer is a Max for live midi effect that is simple to use and highly effective. Put it directly after your go-to sequencer or VST and simply select which notes you do or do not want it to play. Why do you need a pitch quantizer? Pitch quantizers are somewhat common in modularContinue reading “Pitch Quantizer Post”

Chromatic Sequencer Post

The Chromatic Sequencer is a Max for Live midi effect that creates a random sequence quantized to pitch and rhythm. It’s a stochastic sequencer which means it randomly chooses what to play. But, you determine the pitch and rhythm. Click Here to Download Think of the device as controlling three basic parameters: pitch, rhythm andContinue reading “Chromatic Sequencer Post”

Buckets Delay Post

Buckets Delay is a Max for Live audio device designed to emulate the classic warm sound of analog, bucket brigade style delay. The standard controls you’d expect from a delay are all there, plus a few more to help the delay fit squarely in your mix. The delay time pushes the limits of what’s capableContinue reading “Buckets Delay Post”

About Me

My name is Justin, I’m a musician and engineer out of Baltimore, Maryland (USA). I built this site to share some of the Max MSP and Max for Live devices I’ve built. I hope you enjoy them! Feel free to connect with me if you have any questions or want to share an idea of a device to be built.

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