Midi Pitch Quantizer


This Pitch Quantizer is a Max for live midi effect that is simple to use and highly effective. Put it directly after your go-to sequencer or VST and simply select which notes you do or do not want it to play.


Why do you need a pitch quantizer?

Pitch quantizers are somewhat common in modular synthesis. You might see one in someone’s eurorack case. It’s a handy utility to tune the notes coming from a sequencer.

If you use a sequencer in Ableton to trigger notes to a VST or external synth, you may have wrestled with tuning each pitch on each step to get the melody you’re after. It can be a bit tedious and some sequencers are more finicky than others.

This utility allows you to select which notes you want to use (and which you don’t).

How does it work?

Say you have an 8 step sequence running and two of the steps are playing a note you don’t prefer. Perhaps, a G# and a D#. By placing this device after your sequencer, you can simply unselect the G# and D# and it will re-route the pitch to the next closest note. It’s that easy.

You can see the incoming note message at the top of the device and the outgoing note message at the bottom. Notes that are ‘turned on’ are yellow, notes that are ‘turned off’ are grey. When a note is being played it turns blue.

Here, an C# is coming into the device. Since C# is turned off, it’s re-routed to the next available note – C.

Licensed under the Creative Commons, CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.


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