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Chance is a Max for Live midi device that creates random musical ideas the way a musician would improvise on an instrument. You act as the conductor, giving constraint to the rhythm and pitch. Chance then improvises within those constraints generating complex, musical ideas.
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  • Automating Probability

    Create fluid and evolving ideas by automating the note and rhythm probabilities with the built in LFO. Use both LFO's at the same time to create more complex automation.

  • Loop

    Find a phrase you like and then loop 1 to 8 bars with the click of a button. Adjust the length of the loop in real time to add or subtract bars from the phrase being played.

  • Ping Pong LFO

    Version 2.0 also adds an LFO in the pop up window. Automate the motion of the node to create random, complex rhythmic and melodic phrases within the constraints you control.

  • Clock Divider

    Create slower, evolving sequences using the Clock Divider. This slows the internal clock 2 or 4x, triggering sounds less often but still sync'ed to the Ableton tempo.

  • Clock Control

    Extend the view to access the clock settings. Sync to the Ableton clock or adjust delay times manually. The manual setting is particularly useful for ambient or generative music.

  • Swing

    Breathe life to sequences using the added eighth and sixteenth note swing. Push and pull notes around the downbeat.

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Orchestrated Randomness

The main view of Chance allows you to orchestrate the improvised and non-repeating sequences. But you can play it like an instrument by clicking “Draw XY”. This opens  a pop up window enabling control of multiple note probabilities at the same time, making you the conductor of complex musical ideas.

Probability Control

The Note and Rhythm Probability section allow you to tune the notes and rhythms you want to play and how often. Move a slider up to have it play more often, move it down to play less often.


Version 2.0 has been updated to include a loop feature. Turn on to freeze a 1 to 8 bar phrase. Adjust the length of the loop in real time to add or subtract bars from the phrase being played.

System Requirements

Chance is a Max for Live device that works in Ableton Suite. It is not compatable with other DAW's.


  • Ableton Live Suite 10.1 or higher
  • macOS 10.11.6, Intel Core 2 Duo or Intel i5 processor of faster
  • 4GB RAM


  • Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
  • 64-bit Intel Core i5 processor or faster, or AMD multi-core processor
  • 4GB RAM